Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 10th July 2019

What is GPost?
GPost is a geographically-based intelligent message distribution solution that allows information to be sent to users in a specific physical location – an individual street address, a building or venue, a suburb, or everyone in a certain radius – via app push notification, email, or SMS. GPost digitises an individual physical address, providing capability to send notifications to that address.

Why is SPA-Carrum using GPost?
GPost enables the SPA team at Carrum to directly and immediately communicate alerts and service updates to community members and stakeholders located in the areas directly affected by works or disruptions.

Benefits of using GPost:
  • Free to download the mobile app via the App Store or Google play.
  • Multiple alert areas – GPost app provides a ‘watch zone’ feature giving users the ability to stay alert to another suburb as well as the suburb where they live. In the app, simply type in any address or navigate to any area on the map to choose a watch zone.
  • Multiple addresses – users can switch between multiple addresses by a simple click. All they need to remember is their mobile number and password. They may want alerts for both the location of their business and their home, own multiple properties, or just want to keep an eye out for a family member.
  • Link to personal email accounts – users can set up to 5 personal email addresses to link with their GPost account. Once set and enabled, all alerts sent to the registered physical address are also forwarded to the personal email addresses.
  • Secure system – GPost securely operates as a closed system to all email servers, meaning no other email server can directly send an email or spam to any GPost user account.
  • Share important information with friends and family – users can group contacts and share information with people they care about. In the app, click add from mobile contacts. GPost will automatically detect whether a mobile contact is an existing GPost user or not. If they are, add them to the GPost contact list. If not, click the invite button to let them know about the app.

What information should users expect to receive?
GPost will be trialled with Carrum traders to assess its effectiveness in helping business owners receive accurate and timely information, enabling them to alert customers/clients and adjust their business accordingly. They should expect to receive notifications about major upcoming works, last-minute changes to works that will affect their business and reminders about trader initiatives. The SPA team at Carrum will become a publisher in the GPost platform to send these important alerts to registered local traders.

Is it secure?
Yes, it securely operates as a closed system. No other email server can spam any GPost account. Within the system, GPost provides the capability for users to block other users or report any offensive content so that corresponding accounts may be terminated.

Is my address safe?
Yes, GPost is a closed system. It is secure and robust. As long as the account password is safe, no external users can access a GPost user’s information. GPost does not ask users for personal names. A user’s GPost email address may be known by their contacts, however no one will know who a user is other than by username.

Can I add multiple addresses?
Yes. GPost allows users to register the first address of their choice. After completing registration, simply use the ‘Add New Address’ button to add additional addresses. Each different address will be added as a different account, however they will all be linked to a single GPost account. Simply update the address to switch between your different accounts. No matter which address is currently selected, alerts for all addresses will be received.

What is a "watch zone"?
When a user registers an address with GPost, they automatically get alerts from the suburb they live in. GPost also offers the capability for users to pick another suburb they are interested in, as a ‘watch zone’. No matter where a user is located, they will receive all information sent to their home suburb and their watch zone. Users cannot change their home suburb, but they can change their watch zone at any time.

How do users sign up?
Search and download the GPost app on the App Store or Google Play, or register online at There are four simple steps to complete the registration.
  • Step 1: provide a location
  • Step 2: mobile number verification.
  • Step 3: select e.g.SPA Carrum as the publisher to follow.
  • Step 4: enter a username and password.

How do users remove themselves from the mailing list?
Unsubscribe from any publisher via the GPost app or website. After logging in, go to the settings screen and then click the publishers tab. Users can then see the option to unselect any publisher on the list. e.g. SPA Carrum.

Where do users go for GPost help?
Call: 1800 0GPOST
Web: leave a message via the Contact Us page.